How to Manage a Speed Interview

How to manage a speed interview

Speed Interview by Hireplace is a great way to cut all the stress and hassle out of your recruitment process! Every day, more and more employees are moving away from long, drawn-out interview processes for more streamlined, fast-paced recruitment. You can now take care of several interviews back to back, as well as gain some valuable time on your day without having to go through piles of resumes one search at a time!

How to create a perfect speed interview

You want to attract talent and not scare them away. Therefore, it's important to start by highlighting the upside such as the benefits such as the flexible schedule and independence. Next, you want to talk about responsibilities. This is what they'll be responsible for on a daily basis, so be sure to mention any critical items they may need training or experience with. Finally, you'll want to let them know what kind of development opportunities and barriers they might anticipate and whether there expects promotions and raises will come along with hard work.

The benefits of a speed interviewing

Speed interviews allow jobseekers to expose their expertise and experience in a short amount of time. They enable employers to make more hiring decisions in less time. The benefits for jobseekers are many. You get a lot of information about the position's requirements up front. In addition, the abbreviated nature of the interview means that you get hired faster because you take less time out of an employer's schedule.

Tips for improving speaking skills during a video interview

The key is to monitor your thoughts and reactions during a video interview. If you feel yourself breaking confidence, going silent, or not relaxing, change physical positions in the chair or take a moment's pause. You can also put a mirror across from you to help monitor your expressions and moods.

Useful materials for preparing for a video interview

Video interviews are increasingly popular in the workplace. Quick research will show that there are many things to prepare besides an interview. If you're serious about getting past the first round, you'll need to prepare with materials like  questionnaires, scripts, role-playing video interviewing tutorials, and more.