Create a Great and Successful Virtual Career Fair

Covid-19 has been going on for a while, making several things new normal. For instance, wearing a mask when we go outside. We are urged to adapt to this situation, to stay safe and protect our loved ones from getting exposed to Covid-19.

Quarantine is another way to withstand a surge in new cases. While it restricts our social activities, it mostly affects how one can do their job daily. With the ongoing global pandemic, companies started to implement work from home (WFH) to continue their business along with complying with government policies.

According to Indeed, working from home (or remotely) provides a larger talent pool with less consumed time and cost both for the company and employee. Due to this, employers also started to move their recruitment process from in-person to virtually. There are several platforms that provide great services for employers to be able to conduct the recruitment process virtually, however, many of them have shortcomings in terms of helping them to connect with the candidate effectively.

What we can help?

Hireplace is the first to help employers connect with candidates in a speed-dating interview format, simplifying the recruitment process for both parties while also reducing the over-reliance on CVs. We have been trusted to help organizations organize their events, ranging from just networking, virtual career fair, to job recruitments. 

This February, we are hosting several events with Workforce Singapore ranging from Early Childhood Care, Educational and Training, Corporate Services, Supervisory and Managerial roles to Engineering and Technical as well as ICT roles specifically for Singaporeans. Register yourself here.

Besides, we are also partnering with Virtual Internships for Speed Interview Sessions for those who switch careers to digital marketing. More information here.