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Speed Interview by Hireplace connects your talent pool to employers in a speed-dating video interview format
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A leap in Virtual Career Fairs

Designed for recruiters, universities or career services who are looking for more effective ways to showcase their talent pool to employers both locally or abroad. Unlike the typical career fairs, Speed Interview events do not need to be planned months ahead and can be automated end to end. Now, you can create hiring events that are:

Role based or micro-career fairs ie. Management Trainee for Banks in Singapore

Short-run duration

As short as one hour so that hiring managers can attend from whereever they choose


Run multiple events for candidates and employers across different timezones and continents

How does it work?

  • 1

    Create event
    Set a date, time, and interview duration for the hiring event
  • 2

    Invite participants
    Candidates and hiring managers will receive calendar invitations and intructions
  • 3

    Event is live
    During the event, rapid video interviews will be done on mobile and laptops

The candidate experience

Candidate's experience is entirely on mobile. Once they are invited, they could view the details of the event or ask any questions. Once the event is live, they could queue for the employers and start the video interviews within the app.

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The employer experience

Hiring managers will receive calendar invites with links so they could participate via the browser, just like any video conference meeting. No installations needed - only a modern browser and webcam.

Features that deliver impact

You may have 99 problems, but organing a career fair or hiring event shouldn't be one. Whether you use Hireplace to complement or replace them, you are in good company.
Live queue management

No more scheduling back and forth with your candidates and hiring managers

Express badges

Provide top candidates access to priority queues so they can have a shorter wait time

Invitation only

Events are invite only to make sure that you have total control of the attendees

Multi party interview

You can have multiple hiring managers from different locations interviewing a single candidate

Screen/Media Sharing

Hiring managers can screen share or share any media for the candidates to review

Reports and recordings

Get a live report on the event and the recordings of the interviews if you prefer

The value of being able to find out more about each other for both the candidate and the company, and going beyond just resume or job descriptions, is truly felt and exemplified through Hireplace. You next best candidate could be someone whose CV you passed upon and you may never know.

Xander Khoo

Program Manager NUS Enterprise

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The future of hiring event awaits

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